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We're Building a Model of Excellence

Become an Advocate for Older Adults at 60 Plus Ride

Transforming Transportation 

At 60 Plus Ride, we honor the legacy of the generations of Older Adults who we serve—those who, as children, helped shape the modernization of today's parks, playgrounds, schools, and libraries. Now, this same group is pioneering a new era that is transforming transportation for Older Adults.

  • Honor Historical Legacy: We recognize eras of origin and embrace a rich history of community building and innovation. 

  • Understand that Transportation is the Next Frontier:  As today's Older Adults redefine aging, they are also helping us transform how transportation services are provided. 

  • Compassionately Support Efforts for Aging in Place: We support older adults in maintaining their independence and staying in their homes and communities. By offering reliable and compassionate transportation, we enable them to continue leading fulfilling lives.

Vision for 60 Plus Ride


  • Cost Efficiency: Maximize a hybrid use of professional staff and dedicated volunteers to reduce operational costs while maintaining high-quality service.

  • Compassionate Assistance: Provide exceptional door-to-door, door-through-door, and destination assistance to Older Adults in Weld County.

  • Sustainable Funding:  Leverage a diverse range of funding sources to ensure long-term sustainability. Build a program that is capable of long-term operation, providing reliable transportation solutions for years to come.

  • Community Engagement:  Foster strong relationships between volunteers and passengers, enhancing community ties and personal fulfillment for volunteers.

We're Focused on the People We Serve

People We Serve
We're focused on the people we serve

Older Adults aged 60+, residing in Weld County

  • Older Adults Living Independently

  • Older Adults Seeking Social Connection

  • Older Adults Facing Mobility Challenges or in Wheelchairs

  • Older Adults with Chronic Health Issues

  • Older Adults Facing Cognitive Impairment

  • Older Adults from Old-Old Eras or Young-Old Eras

  • Older Adults Facing Racial or Gender Discrimination

Caregivers and Family Members

  • Spouses

  • Adult Children

  • Other Relatives from Old-Old Eras or Young Eras

  • Concerned Friends and Neighbors

Here's the Map of Our Service Area

Service Map
Links to Weld County Communities
  • Ault

  • Brighton

  • Dacono

  • Eaton

  • Erie

  • Evans

  • Firestone

  • Fort Lupton

  • Frederick

  • Gilcrest

  • Greeley

  • Hudson

  • Johnstown

  • Kersey

  • Lasalle

  • Lochbuie

  • Milliken

  • Pierce

  • Platteville

  • Severance

  • Windsor

  • and more

60 Plus Ride - Area of Service Map
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