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Make A Difference!

Make a difference! Volunteer with 60 Plus Ride.


60 Plus Ride


Your help is needed by Older Adults in Weld County.  60 Plus Ride is building a network of good neighbors who volunteer as Drivers, Advocates,  Community Ambassadors, and more. 


Please be part of our team.

  • ​Simple to Apply. 

  • Control Your Own Schedule.

  • Change Lives

Discover the Many Ways You Can Help

Volunteer Drivers

Become a Volunteer Driver at 60 Plus Ride

We recruit, train, and manage our Volunteer Drivers to help Older Adults get where they need to go.

Advocates for Older Adults

Become an Advocate for Older Adults at 60 Plus Ride

From Ageism to Aging in Place.... issues that matter to Older Adults need a voice--YOURS!

 Community Ambassadors

We care and make a difference for older adults age 60 and over

If you are out and about in Weld County, help us share news about our services with Older Adults who need transportation solutions.


Become a Creative Content Creator at 60 Plus Ride

Attention: Writers, Film Makers, Photographers, and Creatives.... we need talented contributors for
60 Plus Magazine.

Business Networkers

Promote Age Friendly Excellence with our Business Partners

We need help finding the businesses across Weld County who offer meaningful services and products for Older Adults.

Interested? Start with our Volunteer Application

  • What are the Requirements for Volunteers at 60 Plus Ride?
    Required for All Volunteers: Clean background check Required for All Volunteer Drivers: Valid driver’s license Clean background check Proof of liability insurance Good driving record
Apply to be a volunteer at 60 Plus Ride

Apply to be a Volunteer!

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